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A bit about myself...

I work from my studio at home at the top of my garden. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and I enjoy watching the seasons change in my lovely garden from my studio window. However, my best ideas come from my 2 year old Labrador 'Honey', but as she lacks opposable thumbs, she has left to me to interpret her ideas. I hope I do them justice.

I love working with my hands. I feel at times they have their own agenda and I am just along for the ride. So it does not come as a surprise that I like to use my hands to express myself. Whether that is through my clay work, baking a cake or working in my garden.

Currently, sculpting animals in clay fascinates me. I find it challenging and ultimately rewarding to achieve a balance of creating the animal desired, give it a personality and the feeling of movement in something as solid and immovable as fired clay.

To work with clay and have clay work with me is a passion of mine. I am not one for fine lines, scrupulous detail and vibrant colours. I am one for proportion, movement and letting the clay speak for itself. It is important to me that people ‘enjoy' my pieces. Not just ‘admire' or ‘like'. I hope that my pieces are allowed to be more of a presence in people lives and not just another knick-knack.

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