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Smoke Fired

Welcome to my claywork website, which features a gallery of my varied works. My work is all done by hand (my hands) I do not cast from molds so each piece is individual and one of a kind. I use either a white or buff stoneware clay which is decorated using a combination of glaze, stains, and oxides.

If you want to know specifics about a particular piece or want to discuss my work or classes please do not hesitate to contact me. I tend to work in 'series', i.e., a group or herd of animals such as llamas, hares, sheep etc. and no two pieces are ever the same, each is unique with its own personality. So please keep this in mind when ordering or commissioning work. All my work is frost proof and suitable for the garden. I also have a blog on this site to keep you updated on my works in progress and exhibitions.

Upcoming Exhibitions


You can see my work
at the following venues

Green Tree Gallery
Borde Hill Gardens
Haywards Heath


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